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  • You’re either crazy busy OR dead quiet.
  • Managing contractors and staff is painful.
  • Not making enough money and not feeling in control of your business.
  • You love what you do, but the time it sucks out of you makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you answered yes to any of these issues, I can help.

FREE Session creating Strategies for Growth

Book your Free Strategy Session with no obligation, where we can get to know each other, and I can give you some Strategies for Growth to drive your business forward.

How Successful Business Owners Grow and Succeed

Plan for Success
Marketing and Sales, the Keys to Growth
Finances & Admin supports your growing business
Team Buy in gets Results
Operations That Deliver High Quality, Profitable Work


Turn arounds and growth require thought, research and work. Questions might include:

What is yor biggest challenge right now?

Are you open to new ideas and ways of thinking to solve it?

How do you econimically greatly increase inquiry and sales?

What parts of your job can be done by others who cost $60 an hour or less?

Are you prepared to follow simple step-by-step instructions on HOW to create a more profitable service business?

One excellent first step is to take the Sustainable Profit Test. SOLUTIONS are then much easier to identify.


Sustainable Profit Test

Business Coaching Typically Includes

Free Introductory Strategy Session
Clearly establishing the main areas to work on to create a stable platform and growth trajectory for the future.

Clearing the decks
Are you overloaded? Grant can help you clear the decks so you have the time to work on developing your business.

Implementation and Coaching
You and Grant will create a MAP together. Actions are implemented by you, me, your team and carefully chosen outside professionals in areas such as finance, and digital marketing.

Access to all of the following:

  • One on one time with Grant 2 weekly or as desired
  • Email, text or phone support
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Review of your online presence
  • Accountability actions to keep you on track
  • Full SWOT Analysis including Review
  • Business Training
    • Access to Grant’s contacts – everyone from Website builders, Social Media experts to Bookkeepers and Accountants
  • Exclusive and easy to use templates for 3 page business plans, profit and loss and cash flow budgets, marketing plans, time planning schedules etc
  • Access to business education, reading and business knowledge
  • Creating a Plan that suits your needs

    Grant will coach you through the most important and pressing needs we have identified.
    Session lengths vary depending on needs from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

    Are You Up To the Challenge?

    Now more than ever, small business owners need to grow through the challenges and transitions of today’s world.

    To succeed you will need to face some hard truths. We will move past difficulties, such as do you fully understand your financial metrics? Do you need help delegating responsibility? Do you shy away from hiring and firing? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to succeed?


    Result: Doubled Hourly Revenue for Consultant

    “Grant has been an inspiration in helping me develop my business, especially my marketing strategies. The coaching process from beginning to end was very efficient and cost effective. I have had fantastic results doubling my hourly rate and my book is still full. I couldn’t be happier with his guidance and advice.”

    Will Hocking Business Consultant Sydney

    Result: Successfully Relaunched Brand 10 times faster

    “Working with Grant I’ve had a massive lift in confidence and made progress 10 times faster. In 4 months, I went from a regional business to a national brand, targeting profitable clients in a much more focused way. I have re-branded, made my website much more appealing and have a sales process where I am comfortable, authentic, and effective. Grant is extremely well suited to coaching because of his practical experience, understanding of psychology and his personal support. He knows his stuff and I highly recommend him.”

    Kim Dawson. Dawson Digital


    Result: Create next level of growth

    “Blaze Projects engaged Grant to assist us grow our commercial construction business. Grant has been instrumental in helping us create and follow a business plan, set up annual budgets and cash flows, identify and implement marketing strategies and set clear business goals. His experience and vast knowledge in all aspects of business management, finance and marketing are second to none. He has really helped our business get to the next level.  Grant’s expertise as a mentor and coach is invaluable. I have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone looking to grow or streamline their business.”

    Brett Stinson Managing Director Blaze Projects

    Result: Clear Path to Expansion

    “I wanted to understand how to expand my business and how to transition to a new stage. Grant quickly helped me clarify possible ways to bring in a junior partner with a buy-in plan using specific financial examples based on business performance. His understanding of my needs and his experience in selling businesses successfully made the process fast and efficient. He also created a very clear written agreement with my clients. Grant is a great ‘hands on’ coach and enthusiastic supporter. I highly recommend him.”

    Michael Murray Owner Byron Property Search

    Result: Scope Complex Project & Assist Reinventing Career

    “Thank you for the coaching over the last 6 months. You listened to a complex brief, then scoped the complete project into manageable goals which absolutely put me on the path that was needed. You have an extraordinary depth of experience in the accommodation industry; this combined with your marketing and sales skills was an added bonus. I feel you are a fantastic mentor and guide for anyone looking to further themselves in business and life.”

    Cameron Arnold Director Apartments Inn Byron Bay.

    Result: Sale of Business at High End of Expectations

    “Grant recently helped with the sale of my law practice. He offered valuable insights on what purchasers would be after and kept me focused on what I wanted, being a great sounding board for my concerns and how to package the sale. Grant is a highly experienced businessman. His speed in getting to the essential issues, no matter the objective would assist anyone seeking a business coach or mentor. I confidently recommend him.”

    Brad Heydon Principle Heydons Lawyers

    Result: Growth into Larger Executive Coaching Role

    “Grant has the uncanny knack of picking the important thing to work on to move forward. No matter what area of business we discuss, he has relevant experience to call on. He has a never-ending well of positive inspiration and enthusiasm for whatever I am doing or could do in my life. He is a great mentor and coach and I highly recommend him.”

    Ralph Gartner Organisation Development Consultant Origin Energy Brisbane

    Result: Grow Long Term Profitable Business

    “I had the pleasure of working with Grant Hawkins for ten years. We owned the largest Cafe in Byron Bay, Ringo’s Cafe. Grant as silent partner helped with overall direction, running finance and marketing. The cafe was a great success. My wife and I were nervous and faced the task in front of us with some trepidation. Grant’s assistance was vital in promoting our confidence and the running of the business. His knowledge and experience were exemplary. His business acumen, positive attitude, eye for detail, instinct and sense of humour were invaluable in the café’s success.”

    Garry McCallen Catering Business and Café owner Brisbane


    What Does it Cost?